Just thoroughly disgusted at what I saw today


I’m angry, I’m morally outraged and I’m just thoroughly disgusted! Today, I went to a local Mom & Pop gift store that I’ve been to many times. These pictures show what I found. OK, I get it, the American flag can be use as clothing. I still think it’s wrong and disrespectful.

What really got me was this child’s uniform! Ok, the Woodland camouflage pattern has been retired but still anyone looking at it knows it’s supposed to be a military uniform. Lord knows I wore mine with pride. What are they trying to show here? I find this extremely, extremely disrespectful!

As a female combat veteran, I’d never take my uniforms and deface them in this way.  It’s a disgrace to my service and my way of life.  I’d never allow my child to wear this no matter how cute and conflicted the visuals are.  American’s generally take part in supporting the use of the flag.  They either love America and the Armed Forces or they look the other way after realizing that all the brainwashed, home-grown terrorists are indoctrinated by the education system and mass media to feel outrage and wild-eyed oppression when presented with the flag. After all, to them the flag and our military represent “our fuckin’ oppression of nations around the world who would love us if only we’d give up our arms and surrender to the politically correct way of thinking”.

What do you think America?

We as Patriotic American’s have always loved representing our love for the Armed Forces and America the Beautiful in Baked goods…mmmm!  Generally, this isn’t considered an act of subversion…

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Welcome To Where You Are

We don’t know each other yet, you probably Googled endangered birds and got me!

Whatever the reason, read on. We’ll listen whether you’re a Veteran, the child or life long love of one, or dreaming about bagging what will soon be your own – Veterans are beings unlike any other. We collectively kept the wolf from your door, and defied deployment to kill us because we love a country full of strangers more than our own lives.
Read on – let’s get to know each other…maybe we can trade life hacks, recipes, whatever.

Screaming Eagle

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