Welcome To Where You Are

We don’t know each other yet, you probably Googled endangered birds and got me!

Whatever the reason, read on. We’ll listen whether you’re a Veteran, the child or life long love of one, or dreaming about bagging what will soon be your own – Veterans are beings unlike any other. We collectively kept the wolf from your door, and defied deployment to kill us because we love a country full of strangers more than our own lives.
Read on – let’s get to know each other…maybe we can trade life hacks, recipes, whatever.

Screaming Eagle

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2 thoughts on “Welcome To Where You Are

  1. Life is visually vivid these days. We’re subsumed by online avatars.
    Many moons ago, I played Dungeons and Dragons with a few carefully chosen friends, (code for who had playing pieces, beer, or food to bring to the gaming table). We played until our parents wanted us home then waited till the next time we could meet.
    These days, we’re all ensconced in a beautifully rendered other-world which requires neither our imagination or active thought.
    Is this online gaming better than our previous interactions?

  2. I recently bought a turntable. I’d had one as an eighteen year old but left it to soldier on without me when I left Sierra Vista, Arizona to join the Air Force. I’m listening to the Little River Band, The Eagles, Elton John…
    I have the Alexa app and it will play almost any song I can think of but albums are different; warmer and more real.
    Rocket Man is playing now and I wish you could be here with me. It would be great to listen to music and have a beer, or several, with another veteran.
    I was an Army Brat and I have many memories which are music based. Nothing like a song to mark time.
    My first concert was The 4th Golden Summer Night Concert at the Zeppelinfeld in Nurnberg, Germany. It was badass.
    If you’ve got a turntable, bust that sucker out! Take a trip back in time to when we hung out and enjoyed friends, or when we let the vinyl relax us after a bad day or helped us scream it out until mom and dad yelled at us to turn it down.

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